How the Universe “Hear” Your Wish?

Your longing for making all your wishes come true ensues from the nature of the human. How to make your wish come true? This longing is expressed in fairy tales, religions and your daily life. People enjoy watching movies for the magic lamp of Alladin, that makes your wishes come true, for magicians and good fairies with magic sticks that can create everything that you want.

When I was a child, there was a Czech movie called “Arabella”. I do not remember most of the series but the only thing I would not forget is the ring of Arabella. She only have to turn her ring around her finger and her wish comes true immediately. Of course, I dreamed of having her ring for a while as all children did.

Most people know the story of the golden fish that makes your wishes come true as well as many other stories related to magics.

People turn to God in their prayers and ask Him to make their wishes come true.

On Easter we used to go to the church “Saint George” in Zlatolist village where the prophet Holy Stoina lived. That is one of the miraculous places in Bulgaria.

There is a stone plate, where Holy Stoina used to step on while she was praying. There is a belief that if someone steps on the same stone plate and make a wish, it will become true.

I used to observe a lot of people – young and old, rich and poor and everyone of them stepped on the stone and made a wish while gazing on the skies or deep inside themselves…

Every man longs for something and hopes that there is “Somebody out there” who will help him. It is impressive that you hope like a child that a miracle will happen and your wish will come true sooner or later.

There is a cave (which is called hole) where Saint Ioan Rilski lived for 7 years and prayed all the time. His cave is located next to Rilski Monastery. There is a belief that if you can go through the hole, it means that you are righteous. There is a ritual and you have to write down your wish on a piece of paper and leave it between the rocks when you get out of the hole. And your wish will come true.

It is amazing how many pieces of paper there are left by Bulgarians and foreigners. Of course, all those people cherish hope that their written wish left on a holy place will be heard by the Power “out there”.

When you blow the candles on your Birthday cake, you make a wish as well as when you see a falling star… etc…

There is special literature for the application of the Universal Laws and the power of the mind so that the realization of your wishes seems to be more realistic. You hear of real stories of successful people who discovered the Secret. Miracles do not happen only in fairy tales in legends but also in real life around you.

In addition – it is not necessary to discover the lamp of Aladdin because it is hidden deep inside yourself. You do not have to go to a holy place for your wishes to be heard because no matter where you are you have deep connection with the Superior Power.

Despite everything, most people still consider that if one wish become true that is a miracle that may happen to a very few of them. If you perceive the situation in this way. your dreams that may become true become more distant of you instead. As Vadim Zealand says, dreams never come true because you consider they are something unachievable and impossible. You have a belief in your mind that your dream is something fairy, magical and miraculous and that belief hinders you from the realization of your dream.

Your intentions come true because you express your willingness and decision to act, take measures and get what you want. Your intentions become real because there is no cult of your wish.

Here is why I think that the first thing you have to do is not to set your wishes on a pedestal.

You should try to look on your wish as something real, realizable and achievable. If your dream is to have a house, you should look on it as something normal. It is just as natural as your wish to have a cup of milk.

You should avoid saying: “I want it very much… sooo much that…”, but you should say that:

“I want that and I will get it.”

Regarding your orders to the Universe, very many questions may arise. For example:

Should I write down my wish on a piece of paper?

As usually, my opinion is that there are no definite rules. Everything that strengthens your faith is good for you. Your wish can be “heard” by the Universe in the most effective way and that depends on you.

For example, I love to write down my wishes. My wish becomes more clear when I write it down and as if it is imprinted on my mind and it seems to be more realistic. Sometime I read it over and over again aloud in order to feel it in a different way.

Is it necessary to clarify all details concerning your wishes and orders to the Universe?

There are controversial advices in various resources. The clearer the details of your goal are and the better you know what you want, the greater the chance to make it happen in the same way as you desire. On the other hand, other advice is that you should not determine too many details because you should trust in the Universe and it knows what is the best for you.

According to me, the truth is in the middle of those two extremes. Undoubtedly, you have to notice the main details of your wish that are important to you. This helps you understand better exactly what you want. If you do not know what you want how you could expect that the Universe will  guess it right?

As we already discussed, to dig into insignificant details concerning your wish can get you more distant of it. Is it necessary to believe in it?

Here is a very delicate moment that we may miss to have in mind.

You know that the power for making your dreams come true is in your faith. “If you can believe in something, everything is possible to the one who believes”.

Authors of different methods claim that it is not necessary to believe in the very beginning.

According to me, there is no way to believe in something if you do not have any proofs of it. Sometimes you may think that you believe in something but in fact you are wrong. You only cherish some hope instead and hope is full of doubts.

The real faith means knowledge. You really believe in something when you can say that you “know” it will happen.

That is why I think it is not good to press on yourself to believe in the very beginning. You just have to allow your new knowledge to reach your inner mind and become reality for you. And later proofs will appear as well.

Do you have to visualize all that you want all the time or you had better forget about it and have trust in the Universe?

This moment is also disputed amongst different authors.

I think it is better to remind to yourself about your wish from time to time. Repeat to your mind that your desire will come true, your order is being processed and it is on its way to get it. You should feel the happiness of having what you desire. The more often you see and feel that your wish has come true, the more you people and circumstances you attract to yourself so that you get closer and achieve what you want very soon.

Of course, some people think that you should “forget” about what you wanted. To forget is the most superior form of trust in the Universe. You have ordered what you wanted and you know it will come true, there is no need to worry about it. You just have complete trust in it and that is all. There is one great advantage of doing this – when you are not obsessed by your wish, there is no torture, nor doubts. Doubt and impatience will prevent you from achieving your goal.

On the other hand, if you do not believe and you forget about your wish, it will be difficult for you to change your beliefs and inner mind so that you can attract what you desire.

If you share your wish with other people would this hinder or accelerate the process of making your dream come true?

It is claimed that the more people know about your wish, the more energy is synchronized in one and the faster your wish comes true. On the other hand, the opinion of the other people, their negativism and scepticism about your dream radiates negative energy and the effect is not positive.

In my opinion, if my wish is non realistic in the vies of the society, I would prefer not to share or discuss it. Or at least avoid sharing it with sceptical people. I discuss it only with people who would support me and believe in it. Their faith strengthens my faith.

Of course, if one is more experienced in making orders to the Universe and believes in his abilities, nobody else would influence him, despite his scepticism and negativism. May be you will save a lot of energy from trying to convince others in the realization of your wish so that it would be better not to share it in the very beginning.

To whom you have to make your order for wish?

I also think that you can turn to the one or to all that you believe in. That may be Gor, the Superior power, the Universe or your inner mind.

Berbel Mohr makes her cosmic orders to the “Cosmic Ordering Service”. That is the way she calls it.

Your order have to be in correspondence with your individuality. In this way it is your real order and you make it in your language, thus you keep the relation with your inner mind. When you keep the relation with yourself, then you have relation with the whole Universe.

Please share your opinion, questions and experience regarding wishes and the realization of dreams.

Author: Rosica Vakavchieva-

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Translation: Vanya Osmanlieva

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